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Folding and Welding Machine

Our fully automatic impulse welding machines can automatically fold and perfectly weld fabrics in one process. Pocket sizes are easily adjustable. The machines can be equipped to (automatically) join fabrics, weld tunnels, splines or reinforcement tape. The welding machines have an open design, allowing you to slide a product through, which makes it possible to weld any length.

The large welding area of the impulse welding machines can also be used to weld multiple products in one step for efficiency. Similarly, the IL430 and IL580 are ideal machines for welding large awnings, or to fold and weld pockets on big screens and billboards. The wider welding width of up to 24mm in these machines ensures the products can resist heavier loads. Finally, these machines allow the operator to join panels fully automatically, which is tremendous time saving solution compared to a manual operation.

  • Programmable welding and cooling time
  • Adjustable pocket size, also available as programmable option
  • Optional temperature control
  • Optional switch to turn off the top welding bar to make so-called “invisible welds” (i.e. prevents shiny surface on welding area)
  • Optional touch-screen operation with welding time, cooling time and temperature database for fabrics. The touch-screen also controls other options such as zipper welding
  • Optional tools for joining fabrics, welding tunnels, reinforcement tapes, splines, and zippers
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz. 6 bar air supply






Welding length

310 cm


430 cm

580 cm

Welding width

4 - 14 mm


6 - 24 mm

6 - 24 mm

Dimensions LxWxH

380 x 85 x 140 cm


500 x 100 x 160 cm

670 x 120 x 180 cm

Power consumption

10 kW


20 kW

20 - 40 kW

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