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3.5" Aluminum Vertical Blinds

Atos is an oversized roller shade that provides the perfect solution for large spaces. It is a highly resistant product for both exteriors and interiors. Atos is very versatile, given that it can be used in a dropshade, balcony, window or awning application. This system can be installed with cable or rod guidance options and crank or motor operation systems. Atos is perfect for roller shades that are up to 19 feet wide, with intermediate brackets.

  • Atos Balcony System
  • Atos Dropshade System
  • Atos Windows System

Battery Motors

Our collection of top of the line Bottom Rails, Side Channels, and Accessories.

Cassette systems are the best option to fabricate Neolux dual shades. They are available in 100mm and 120mm depending on the size of the shade, in both flat and round versions. Cassette systems are perfect for two-shade installations within the length of one cassette. They are available in five colors, with color coordinated end caps that use screws for attachment.

Fascia systems are the simplest solution to cover roller shade mechanisms. They create uniformity and provide a clean look. The 3” fascia system is available in flat and round versions. The 4” fascia system is available in the flat version only. Fascia systems come in five different colors.

  • Cassette 100
  • Cassette 120
  • Fascia 3"
  • Fascia 4"

The one system for Drapery or Sliding Panel Track motorization. The Vertilux Motorization Systems (Celtic II) eliminate the need for manual operation and Blinds and Shades creating a merger between the vanguard in technology and decorative style while at the same time keeping a balance in making it a cost effective solution.

Our Deco-Style Collection fabrics are ideal to create the most unique ambiance, combining elegance and distinction with a wide selection of earthy tones to match any decor. Choose the texture and level of transparency that best suits your needs and start creating spaces.

The Engineered Shades collection is composed of a variety of technical fabrics for indoor and outdoor applications. The fabrics in this collection are designed for the multifamily residential, commercial, hospitality and health facilities sectors. The Engineered Shades collection has environmentally friendly fabrics that are antibacterial, antifungal, free of harmful substances, help save energy, among other special features. There are also flame retardant options available. Fabrics with these characteristics award point towards LEED certifications.

A completely eye-catching collection composed of classy and elegant fabrics made with the most durable colorful, gold, and silver yarns selection that interpose to create stunning fabric designs. Enjoy the pleasure of having a gorgeous fabric with the benefits of a technical fabric in your home.

Bring comfort and style to your spaces with the Intimate Blackout Collection. With high quality and impressive fabric designs that are both decorative and functional, made of flame retardant and solar heat reduction materials this collection will make a difference in your spaces. Control the sunlight with an effortless motion and enjoy the intimate moments.

The Vertilux Motorization Systems (Celtic II) eliminate the need for manual operation and Blinds and Shades creating a merger between the vanguard in technology and decorative style while at the same time keeping a balance in making it a cost effective solution.

The Avant collection of Neolux® Dual Shades brings elegance and distinction through a wide variety of shades, featuring our flame retardant fabrics that will not only give you peace of mind but also will enhance your space. Your windows will be full of life with more than 100 colors available. With Neolux Dual Shade you can choose between 3 different opening options, giving you complete control over the privacy you need.

Neolux Avant Collection Neolux Essence Collection

The Essence collection of Neolux® Dual Shades allows you to choose from a variety of decorative fabrics that will make your spaces look out of the ordinary. The qualities of these fabrics go far beyond the visual, they give you total control over your privacy with 3 different opening options that are perfect for every moment. With Neolux® Dual Shades you decide how much light comes into your spaces.

The main purpose of this collection is to provide full privacy with beautiful high-quality fabrics. Fabrics with flame retardant properties, the ability to prevent buildings from overheating, and energy costs savings make the Nightfall Blackout Collection the perfect solution for both commercial and residential applications.

Panel Track Motors

The Vertilux Motorization Systems (Celtic II) eliminate the need for manual operation and Blinds and Shades creating a merger between the vanguard in technology and decorative style while at the same time keeping a balance in making it a cost effective solution.

The Vertilux Motorization Systems (Celtic II) eliminate the need for manual operation and Blinds and Shades creating a merger between the vanguard in technology and decorative style while at the same time keeping a balance in making it a cost effective solution.

The Urban Chic Collection features the most beautiful textures and patterns, that will transform your spaces. The color range goes from the purest nature colors to the mixture of vibrant and colorful tones for more dynamic applications.

The V12 Chainless System is Vertilux's Child Safe Chainless System for Roller Shades. The V12 allows to set the desired position of the shade with a simple touch, it is designed to be accurate as well as to reduce manipulation and handling.  The system is astonishingly quiet, nearly unnoticeable for the human ear.

The V12 System is designed with simplicity in mind, therefore it works with our brackets and tubes, and there is no need to purchase additional components

Celtic II for Vertical Blinds

VTi® OneSmartTouch® Technology includes options of motorization and integration for Roller Shades, Neolux Shades, Vertical Blinds, Sliding Panels, Horizontal Blinds & Drapery. Now you can easily build up a smart home system with the VTi® Smart Hub and the all the accessories that will add more comfort to your spaces. These products offer powerful features that will give you control over your devices from anywhere from a single touch.

The VTX Roller Shade mechanisms are a perfect combination of European Design and American Engineering. They combine modern lines with beautiful smooth forms and the highest level of quality in its finishes and performance. Both VTX Elegant and VTX Designer Clutches are available in Hook Mount and Tab Mount options, in 5 colors and in several different sizes. VTX Clutches are made with HIN (High Impact Nylon) to eliminate breakages. They have a new enhanced design that reduces operating noises and ensures that the mechanism does not get jammed. VTX Clutches also have a 10-year warranty against any abnormal degradation under normal use and operation. They are the best functioning roller shade mechanisms in the market.

  • Hook Mount System
    • Designer Hook Mount
    • Elegant Hook Mount
  • Tab Mount System
    • Designer Tab Mount
    • Elegant Tab Mount

For more than 30 years the VX Screen Collection has been part of our lives, witnessing precious moments in ambiances of comfort and functionalism. Whether creating workspaces, home decor, or multifamily residential projects, the VX Screen Collection will adapt to any space. You can choose from a wide range of light-filtering options from 1% to 20% or go complete blackout when needed.

The Evolution vertical blinds are the perfect solution for wide windows, sliding glass doors, stair windows, balconies and much more.  The versatility of this blinds makes them perfect for any space, you can choose between a wide range of colors and textures to create endless styles. These functional, versatile blinds have high quality operation mechanisms with cord, wand or motorization technologies.

The Easy-Tab brackets system is of great benefit to both the

installer and the final consumer. This system is a hybrid

brackets system developed by Vertilux, that combines the safety

of the Tab Mount bracket system and the versatility of the Hook

Mount bracket system in one single bracket system.

  • Easy-Tab Brackets for 3" Fascia
  • Easy-Tab Brackets for Cassette 100 mm
  • Easy-Tab Brackets for Cassette 120 mm
  • Easy-Tab Brackets for Free Hanging Shades

The perfect solution for free hanging shades.

  • RC Hook Mount System

Z-Box Guided System is a versatile cassette solution for interior and exterior applications. The system’s zipper guidance guarantees resistance to winds of more than 100km/h (Spain tests) and 85km/h (USA tests). Z-Box Guided System guarantees a total blackout, providing energy savings of up to 60% when used for exteriors. Its European performance and construction, as well as its ease of installation make the Z-Box Guided System a great option. It is available in 130mm cassettes.

  • Z Box 130

Sunlux® fabrics offer the best solution for solar protection. Using these fabrics for awnings and other related applications results in a series of reduction coefficients that translate into energy savings while preserving visual comfort and cooling luminosity.

Motorization System for Dunes Shades

Miscellaneous Components 

The new Vertilux Engineered shade system is
specifically designed for the demands of the
commercial market. Providing unmatched quality
and performance in all types of commercial projects
including healthcare, corporate, education, and
hospitality projects. Our Engineered commercial
shade system is designed to perform in large
commercial window applications. This reduces the
number of light gaps and chains, providing a look that
compliments the design intent of your project.

  • Engineered Contract Clutch
  • Engineered Mounting Set for Motors

VTi® Celtic Motors with Electronic Limits

VTi® Celtic Motors with Mechanical Limits

A Fascia System for all your needs.

Polyscreen Vision® for Outdoors collections includes all Polyscreen Vision® Collection fabrics that are suitable for outdoor applications

The next generation of exterior fabrics

VTi® Celtic Motors for Cellular Shades

Our VTX Celtic Motors now for Cellular Shades! This system is a simple and functional system for Cellular Shades.

Guided System collections for Vertilux Roller Shades

  • Euro Large Ceiling Mount
  • Euro Large Wall Mount
  • Euro Medium Ceiling Mount
  • Euro Medium Wall Mount
  • VTX Guided System Ceiling or Wall Mount 1 1/2" Projection
  • VTX Guided System Ceiling or Wall Mount 2" Projection

The Evolution of Traditional Draperies.

Dunes are made of high-quality materials resulting in a soft and lightweight fabric that provides a pleasant texture and adds body to the shade.

Cord or Chain operation for Dunes Shades

Wand Operation System for Dunes Shades

Arion is an oversized roller shade that provides the resistance of an exterior shade with the aesthetically pleasing look of an interior shade. This highly durable system can be used both outdoors and indoors given that all of its components are made of stainless steel, which eliminates the risk of oxidation. When it comes to installation and configuration, Arion is a highly versatile system. It can be used with cable or rod guidance options and with crank or motor operation systems. Arion is perfect for roller shades that are up to 23 feet wide, with intermediate brackets.

Vertilux Fabric Collection for Traditional Drapes. 

Our recognized Polyscreen® Vision fabric collection is 100% free of phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and BPA. These technical fabrics are characterized by being antibacterial, antifungal, and flame retardant. They help reduce energy consumption, dampen sound wave propagation, and have high durability.

Universal Components

One Solution for all your Roller Shades needs

  • Aluminum Tubes in all conventional sizes, serving almost every application
  • Tube Adapters
  • Bottom Rails and Bottom Rails End Caps, spanning Classic to Contemporary
  • Plastic and Metal Chains, Chain Connectors and Stoppers
  • Child Safety Device for chain operated shades
  • And much more...

Most of the Vertilux Roller Shade components, like cassettes, fascias, tube adpaters, bracket covers, chain No.10, bottom rails, bottom rail end caps, etc., are available in 5 different colors to coordinate with the fabric.

One Solution for all your Dual Shades needs

Bottom Rails and Bottom Rails End Caps...

The VTX Cordless System for cellular shades gives your window full coverage leaving no gap on the edges.

It is simple to control and adds style to any space 

The concept of minimizing the stack height in a basically decorative shade is the main characteristic of the Cellular Shade by Vertilux.

You will find the right solutions for your decorative or sun protection needs with the Cellular Shades Collection.

Our clutch system is a simple and functional system for Cellular Shades. Clutch system ensures a uniform lift.

Available as cord, wand, or motorized operation.


The Matrix Ellipse is a fully revitalized system for fabric, aluminum, and/or PVC vertical blinds. The design of the new rail has a rounded shape and smooth lines, inspired by the latest minimalist trends. The Matrix Ellipse system can be either a cord, wand, or motorized operation, all using 90% of the same components of the manual operation mode. Its pantographic system (Scissor type carriers) results in a smoother mechanism and a uniform distribution of the vanes.

  • Matrix Pantographic Ellipse Cord/Chain Operation
  • Matrix Pantographic Ellipse Motor Operation
  • Matrix Pantographic Ellipse Wand Operation
  • Matrix Pantographic Flat Cord/Chain Operation
  • Matrix Pantographic Flat Wand Operation

The 8 Prong System is a reliable pantographic system (Scissor Type Operation), which can use either a “V” or a “T” top headrail. The 8 Prong type is easy to fabricate and It has proven to be a great option for projects and other commercial applications.

Available as a cord or wand operation.


The MX93 4 Prong Strap system can be used with fabric, aluminum, and PVC materials. This system works with a proven 4 prong strap operation type, allowing a smooth slat orientation for light or privacy control. 

High Living 2.1 is a modern and sophisticated collection innovatively organized by color. Its large variety of fabrics includes everything from bright whites to earthy sands, casual chocolates and elegant blacks. Each color is presented in a range of different styles, including plain, sheer, natural looking, screen, printed, jacquard and blackout fabrics. High Living 2.1 fabrics offer the perfect balance between transparency, privacy and visual comfort.

Additionally, this collection emphasizes the use of recycled materials and special treatments. In the High Living 2.1 collection many different types of fabrics coexist in an effort to meet a diverse range of needs and lifestyles. It is the most complete, modern and innovative collection in the market.


  • Ideal for doors, and small windows
  • Room darkening solution
  • Very small amount of space needed
  • Hassle Free Installation (no hardware needed)
  • All adhesive parts
  • Removes without a trace of installation
  • Aesthetic, modern, compact
  • Insures privacy
  • Chainless System
  • Standard OM System

Commonly regarded as the most important manufacturing process, cutting is where the product gets its desired dimensions. ASCO cutting and marking equipment ensures these processes are achieved at any level of quality and automation desired by the customer.
Depending on the type of fabric and application it is used for, ASCO has several standard cutting techniques available:

  • Rotating knife; a low-cost cutting solution suitable for most materials
  • Ultrasonic cutting; for a sealed edge without fraying
  • Crush cutting system; primarily for cutting glass-fiber based materials, but widely applicable

In addition, ASCO can integrate other, less standard cutting solutions, such as heated knife cutting, razor blade cutting, laser cutting and scissor cutting. At ASCO we also testing facilities to do cutting tests and give you the best advice on how to cut your materials.

Toxa system for roman shades is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This mechanism has a closed profile that hides the components and elements in the interior of the cassette, giving it a stylish and clean look. Toxa system allows for a more uniform elevation of the fabric. It also increases the durability of the shade because the mechanism requires less effort. Additionally, it is easy to access and clean the fabric. Toxa system is available in chain and motor operation modes. It can be installed to the wall or to the ceiling.

Skorpio system is the most simple and trustworthy cord system for roman shades. This manual mechanism works with polyester cords that match the color of the fabric. The elevation and stop mechanisms of the roman shade are arranged on an aluminum rail. The number or cords is based on the width of the shade, to keep the horizontality of the fiberglass rods and thus achieve a perfect fold. All of the elements used in Skorpio system are easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it easy to access and clean the fabric. The system can be installed to the wall or to the ceiling.

Signum system is designed for 1” aluminum horizontal blinds. It is characterized by its modern design, which is inspired by the latest trends. The head and terminal of this system are made of lacquered metal, providing a sleek finish with simple lines. The components of the Signum system are available in a wide range of colors, so that they can be color coordinated with the slat or the head rail. Signum system can be operated with a wand or cord.

Workroom System

Zen system is designed to cover large windows and to separate spaces in both residential and commercial environments. It works with 2, 3, 4 or 5 channels and with cord, wand or motor operation modes. Zen system’s stylish design hides the mechanism, creating a uniform aesthetic. It also eliminates the light gap almost completely. The fabrication and installation of the rails is simple. Additionally, head rail “splicing” is available for very wide applications and shipping. Zen system has plastic components made of “POM” to reduce the drag and friction of the panels, resulting in better sliding and less noise.

Cassette systems are the best option to fabricate Neolux dual shades. They are available in 100mm and 120mm depending on the size of the shade, in both flat and round versions. Cassette systems are perfect for two-shade installations within the length of one cassette. They are available in five colors, with color coordinated end caps that use screws for attachment.

  • Neolux Cassette 100
  • Neolux Cassette 120

Q-BOX Cassette System for Neolux & Roller Shades

  • Chain & motorized operations
  • Compact, minimal design
  • Highly aesthetic accessories
  • Guided options available for total privacy and sunlight control
  • Q Box System

Control Solutions.

Vertilux has three types of aluminum coils: solid color, perforated aluminum and Touch of Wood. All of them come in ½”, 1” and 2” sizes. The solid color aluminum coils are available in matte and glossy finishes in a range of hues that are perfect for any type of decoration. If you are looking for a more intricate pattern and texture, we have perforated aluminum options. Our Touch of Wood aluminum coils will give your living spaces a warmer and more natural look with their imitation wood finish.

Vertilux 2” basswood slats are made from the highest quality of wood, guaranteeing durability and dimensional stability. We also offer faux wood options that imitate a natural wood finish. The wood slats, valances and bottom rails are available in a range of different tonalities, including cherry, oak, maple and many other hues that can be color coordinated to provide a uniform look. The innate quality and warmth of the wood will create cozy and elegant settings.

Euro Bracket system is a versatile “open” roller shade system that enhances the aesthetics and improves the safety of roller shades. This system reduces the installation time for manual, motorized and guided shades. It also has a very low light gap, particularly for intermediate applications. Euro Bracket system is available in white, ivory, grey, bronze and black. Its brackets, clutches, end caps, screw covers and pin ends can be color coordinated to provide a uniform look. It also comes in other special colors such as ice, brass and copper.