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Vertilux is an authorized distributor of ASCO machinery for the textile-manufacturing sector. Our vast range of machines does everything from cuting tables, to high-frequency electric impulses, to wedge welding, to ultrasonic cutting and horizontal and/or vertical storage, etc. At Vertilux, we customize each machine to meet our clients’ needs. We are committed to providing our clients with machines that are equipped with the most advanced...

We guarantee that all of the components used in ASCO machines are original and come from top brands.


All ASCO machines are manufactured according to the EEC regulations, respecting the European harmonization regulations.

Rigorous Tests

ASCO goes beyond the existing regulations to offer the best quality and safety. They certify that before leaving the factory, all of its machinery has passed the quality tests necessary for proper and optimal functioning.

Our goal is to help our clients offer higher quality finishes without increasing their production costs. The easy adaptation to working with our machines allows an operator to control more than one machine at once and to coordinate a series of operations simultaneously.

Vertilux offers set up, assembly and calibration support by Vertilux qualified technicians. After finalizing the installation in the clients’ premises, our technicians train the operators in charge of working with the machines. There are also other training programs available for shade fabrication, inventory control, cost control, etc.

Vertilux has specialized technicians that provide excellent after-sales services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete technical service for all of the represented brands
  • Customer Service Department to provide qualified assistance
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Support in the implementation of new techniques, improvements in the machines, adjustments, technical designs, etc.
  • Optimal level of coverage of parts, with more than 10,000 references in stock
  • Professional advice to solve conflicts so that they affect the clients’ productivity as little as possible