The VTX Roller Shade mechanisms are a perfect combination of European design and American Engineering. This partnership resulted in a clutch system with modern lines as well as an aesthetic appearance, featuring innovative engineering giving it the added edge to any Roller Shade operation.

Improved Functionalism

The Smart Design of the VTX Clutch eliminates all possibilities for a chain ball “Stop” or a chain connector to get stuck.

The VTX power factor
Engineering tests of the VTX Clutches, in all powers, established that a smoother and more uniform lift capacity was encountered than its generic equivalent.

A “Quiet” clutch
The design of the VTX Clutch has contributed in reducing operating noise to a great degree whether using metal or plastic #10 chain.

Higher Resistance
VTX Clutches are manufactured with a nylon compound, a material better known as High Impact Resistance, assuring a resistant and durable mechanism.

The exclusive Vertilux Guarantee
All VTX Clutches have been tested for more than 20,000 cycles using a method simulating the full opening and full closing of large blinds every 3 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for several month to reach 20,000 opening and closing cycles.
Inspection of the clutches after this enduring test, revealed no sign of stress or fatigue. This test, amongst several other test, added to all the other attributes the VTX Clutches have, allows Vertilux to give our costumers a 10-Year guarantee.
Available in Tab & Hook Mount, in two distinctive designs, the VTX Clutch makes Vertilux your One-Stop Solution for all your Roller Shade requirements.