Introducing Vertilux New Neolux Supreme Bottomrail & End Caps:

This attractive new Supreme Bottomrail, is an improved and more efficient version of our popular Neolux Botttomrail II. It now has new features that take into account your needs and demands, which includes:

- Bottom light gap elimination: better light blocking and privacy
- High performing aluminum rail suitable for larger shades
- Suitable for all Neolux fabrics, regardless of its texture.
- It can be used on either side, depending on aesthetical preference
- End Cap Screws for a sturdy finish
- Uses same bottomrail tube as the Neolux Bottomrail II

Thanks to these amazing benefits, you no longer will need to stock two different bottomrails. With the Supreme Bottomrailyou will have the possibility to use it with all our Neolux fabrics, and even place it on any side, without affecting the light blocking.
A truly versatile Bottomrail, for all of your needs.