Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®: See Vertilux Introduce Their Beautiful Blinds and Shades Created to Enhance Any Space.

Los Angeles, CA – June 27, 2019— Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Vertilux President Alex Garcia to discuss their innovative window treatment concepts for your home or office.

Vertilux is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fabrics, components and automated solutions for the window covering industry. With more than 35 years of experience, Vertilux offers the best fabrics and decorative and technical solutions. Vertilux began in 1983 in Miami, Florida and currently has warehouses in three strategic locations: Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Garcia says that Vertilux offers more than just blinds and shades. They offer a holistic approach that makes them even more unique. He explains, "We control the whole process from the beginning to the end -- from the creation of the yarn to the final shade. Also, our team of engineers is always working on whatever needs our customers have. In addition, we have a team in the customer service area and in the warehouses that makes sure that things leave the next day. We follow the process from the beginning to the end".




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