Vertilux celebrates its 40 anniversary with a vision focused on providing high-quality products to all its customers and consumers. Starting this last Tuesday, April 5, Vertilux began the celebration of its 40th Anniversary at its Headquarters in Miami, with a four-day Grand Open House Event. With an emotional commemorative act, followed by conferences, training sessions, meetings, and many more surprises.

At the beginning of 1982, a new company dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and distribution of goods for the window coverings industry was born in Miami: Vertilux.

By 1985, in a world that was not yet concerned about environmental impact and people’s health, Vertilux was already betting on a healthy and sustainable philosophy with the introduction of a new fabric for vertical blinds (Itaca), one of the best sellers to date.

In 1994, Vertilux developed and began marketing the Polyscreen® Vision solar fabric collection, with all the certifications that endorse it as one of the healthiest options for screen shades for interior and exterior spaces.

In 2014, Vertilux launches a new family of Planet ecological fabrics, made from recycled plastic bottles, and with a composition that was not only environmentally conscious, with Cradle 2 Cradle Bronze certification, but also completely healthy for human health. This same year, Vertilux also introduced the first Rechargeable Lithium Battery Motors in the Window Coverings Industry, leading the way and creating the basis for new automation and integration solutions in the years to come.

Over the years, Vertilux has always opted for solutions that, without neglecting the aesthetic and decorative aspect, contribute to creating healthy spaces, free of harmful chemical substances, or additives that contribute to allergies or other chronic respiratory problems.

In 2019, to expand its storage capacity and operations, Vertilux moves to the Headquarters, where its Open House and 40th Anniversary were held.

The Vertilux Open House celebration was planned two years ago, specifically at the beginning of 2020. But as a result of the pandemic that affected us all worldwide, it had to be postponed to this date.


"We are extremely grateful to have all our partners, customers, and collaborators from around the world here this week. It feels great to see all of you and be reunited again after two long years.

We want to infinitely thank everyone who joined us last week. Without you, these 40 years would not have been possible.”
— Alex Garcia