Introducing our new Wave Remote Control, our first handheld control
available in 2 channels, suitable for windows with double shades
 (blackout + screen or decorative).

The Wave Remote Control has a modern flat-edged design and five elongated buttons that allow you to press them more easily. The wall holder also has a slim and neat design without any screws.

Another great feature that will save you time is the auto-programmable channel, ideal to operate your shades at the same time without the need for an additional channel since this function is done by the remote control automatically.

More Features

• Compatible with VTi® Celtic RF Motors. 
• Each channel can control an individual motorized shade or a group of motorized shades.
• Available in 2 and 6 channel versions.
• Easy programming and installation. 
• Additional auto programmed channel that controls all the motors linked to the remote.

2 & 6 Channels