Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Inspired by the colors of blossoming flowers, clear blue skies and endless prairies, we are pleased to introduce our spring seasonal campaign, “It’s Always Spring!”. For this campaign, we decided to liven up our Claire collection by expanding its color range significantly. The existing Claire color palette was limited to shades of white, beige and brown. Now, we introduce three new bright colors:

- Claire LAVENDER (0-002-24-09000)

- Claire SEAFOAM (0-002-24-10000)

- Claire AQUAMARINE (0-002-24-11000)

These lively colors will definitely enhance your living spaces by giving them accents of color. They are available in our regular 2.0m roll width and will also be available in 2.7m roll width. Rollux Shantung fabrics can be used for a variety of different applications including roller shades and sliding panels.

Stay tuned for our upcoming summer and fall seasonal collections!