We are excited to introduce our summer seasonal campaign “Hello Summer”. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation. Our latest collection is inspired in sunny days, beach getaways and everything that summer has to offer. This summer campaign broadens the color range of our Shantung collection, which has consisted mainly of shades of white, brown, grey and blue. Our new “Hello Summer” campaign adds seven bold and cheerful colors: 

- Shantung GLACIER BAY (0-002-80-07098)

- Shantung BUTTERSCOTCH (0-002-80-14098)

- Shantung WHITE SANDSTONE (0-002-80-04098)

- Shantung COCOA (0-002-80-17098)

- Shantung SALSA (0-002-80-12098)

- Shantung FUCHSIA (0-002-80-10098)

- Shantung CORAL (0-002-80-11098)

These new shades of pink, blue and yellow will undoubtedly add accents of color to your living spaces. They are currently available in our regular 2.0m roll width. Rollux Shantung fabrics can be used for a variety of different applications including roller shades and sliding panels.

Stay tuned for our upcoming fall seasonal collection!


Glacier Bay


White Sandstone