First, it is important to know that PVC coated Screen manufacturers use one of the following two as the base in their extrusion of the PVC coated YARN:

- A multi strand, non twisted, Fiberglass yarn
- A multi filament, twisted Polyester yarn

The Polyester filaments are coated and twisted into a yarn called High Tenacity (HT) that is highly resistant, fire retardant, antimicrobial, and very flexible at all temperatures, making it clearly superior to the Fiberglass counterparts. 

Fiberglass vs. Polyester ScreenFiberglass vs. Polyester Screen

Want to avoid all these issues?

Choose Vertilux's quality Polyester Screen for your projects, like our Polyscreen Vision fabrics made with a High Tenacity Polyester yarn (HT-PES). Or our VX Screen line of fabrics made with a polyester core, which stand out in quality versus any other fiberglass version.


Polyscreen Vision