National Safety Month has been celebrated in June of each year since 1996. It is a month to review business actions and discuss how to maintain a safer, more hazard-free environment.

This date is also used to pay tribute to all victims of work accidents, as well as those who suffer occupational illnesses or injuries, as a result of performing their duties.

It is a time to reflect on the conditions of the workplace, from an office to a restaurant, to a warehouse, and how we can create a safer environment for those who work hard every day.

The main goal is to generate social awareness to reduce the risks and injuries that employees and professionals in the workplace around the world may suffer.

At Vertilux we join the celebration and take advantage of this date to review our safety practices, measures, and equipment, and to create spaces where injuries are minimized. In 2021, only two incidents of minor injuries (back pain) were recorded in the warehouse area, with which we reinforced the use of safety belts, just to mention one example.


June: National Safety Month



Throughout National Safety Month, companies are encouraged to review the different aspects related to the health and safety of their employees. Each year, the US National Safety Council selects four different health and safety topics and spends a week delving into each of them.

This year the topics to be discussed will be the following:

  • -Musculoskeletal disorders
  • -Disability in the workplace
  • -Injury prevention
  • -Slips, trips, and falls


June: National Safety Month


Some ideas…

Update your first aid kit

Keeping an up-to-date first aid kit is a simple yet effective way to be prepared for emergencies. Be sure to stock it with bandages, adhesive tape, wipes, gloves, scissors, and gauze, as well as disinfectants, antibiotic ointment, and pain relievers. Be sure to check your medicine cabinet regularly and remove ointments and medications that have reached their expiration date. We recommend you review your first aid kit every month or every two months maximum to always keep it up to date.

Promote the use of Personal Protection Equipment

The use of personal protective equipment should be the first level of defense to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, and deaths, but some companies go one step further, combining it with other control measures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their workers.

Personal protective equipment is really effective in minimizing the incidence of occupational accidents. Therefore, providing the appropriate equipment based on the protection needed by each professional, as well as demanding its use, is a basic measure for the safety and health of workers.

Some of the benefits of wearing personal protective equipment are:

  • -Preventing unnecessary injuries in the workplace.
  • -Protecting employees from excessive exposure to chemicals or physical impact from machinery or operational tools.
  • -Helping companies comply with regulatory requirements.
  • -Improving employee productivity and efficiency.
  • -Preventing the spread of germs and infectious diseases.


Have a fire drill

Fires are very likely. However, taking precautionary measures can prevent serious damage. Take advantage of this month to test your fire alarms and carry out a drill.


There are many other effective practices and measures that help minimize injuries or illnesses in the workplace. We invite you to follow us on our social media channels, especially Instagram and Facebook, from where every week we will be sharing useful information on these topics.