Vertilux continues to expand its line of Neolux® fabrics, by adding
three new flame retardant fabrics: 

Neolux® Abacus FR
Neolux® Advance Sheer FR
Neolux® Compass Dim Out FR

Vertilux Neolux® Collection includes more than 32 different fabrics and more than 160 total SKUs. With these additions you now have:

- Up to 4 different flame retardant fabrics: only Vertilux offers as many Neolux®  Flame Retardant Fabrics in just one collection.

- Two options of PVC-Free fabrics that are FR: this is quite rare and unique for these type of fabrics, and we are, again, the only ones offering this super great combo. 

- And one fabric with Dim Out characteristics -even more unique and hard to find.

Vertilux's Neolux® is the only collection on its category that offers a selection of fabrics with these features, covering every decorative style and technical need.