Vertilux cares.

20 years ago we brought you the "Healthy Choice Fabrics", today we are sharing with you our latest achievement: Vertilux is now the FIRST company in the window covering industry to have window covering fabrics verified by The Allergy Standards Institute, an international certification body that prepares independent scientific standards for products to meet so they are eligible to be asthma & allergy friendly® certified. Once again, Vertilux leads the change in the industry, partnering with the most reliable and recognized institutions, and becoming ambassadors of healthy window coverings and well-being.

After several months of rigorous tests, we can finally say that Vertilux, together with our customers, is a pioneer in creating a Window Coverings category in this world-renowned certification, where until today, this category did not exist.

Our Verified Fabrics: Polyscreen® Vision and Eco-Planet FR are now eligible to be part of a finished shade suitable to apply for asthma & allergy friendly® certification program.

As a result of our partnership with the Allergy Standards Institute, we can now provide our clients with all the tools and knowledge they need to certify their finished shades.



Independent Verification

The Allergy Standard is written and approved by a medical and scientific advisory committee using best-in-class data. Each product is tested at an independent approved laboratory facility in compliance with the relevant standard in that product category.

Why is the Allergy Standard certification important?

About 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and 26 million Americans suffer from asthma. Additionally, we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, and unbelievably, indoor air can be two and half times more toxic than outdoor air.

Why Certify Window Coverings?

Window shades are an essential part and play a very important role in the quality of the air we breathe. Considering the time that we spend indoors especially in today's world, roller shades fabricated with Polyscreen® Vision and Eco-Planet FR fabrics can reduce the exposure to dust mites and the allergies they produce.

Benefits For Everyone

Certified products are better choices for everyone – not just people with asthma or allergies. In order to be certified, products must show an added benefit and score in the top percentile of the relevant standard criteria to demonstrate their effectiveness, therefore ensuring that they contribute toward a healthier home environment, such as improving air quality or limiting exposure to toxic chemicals.