During the months of August and September, order our new Neolux® sample books at extraordinary prices!*
$25 for 76 books or more
$30 for 36-75 books
$35 for 16-35 books
$40 for 6-15 books
$45 for 1-5 books

Vertilux’s Neolux® dual shades are characterized by their double layer of fabric, which gives consumers total light control. Their unique and innovative design has made this profitable product category the fastest growing category of blinds & shades in the United States.


Our Neolux® sample books are available for immediate shipping from our Miami warehouse.

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The Neolux® dual shades’ extensive variety of textiles can be combined with Vertilux’s full line of color-coordinated components for dual shade fabrication.



With 23 different patterns and more than 120 references, Vertilux’s Neolux® collection is the largest selection of dual shade fabrics in the market. It includes plain, textured, metallic, dim out and translucent fabrics, among many others.  

Our Neolux® sample books include the following fabrics:

Neolux Arcadia
Neolux Caicos
Neolux Cancun
Neolux Classic Dim Out
Neolux Comfort Dim Out
Neolux Crystal
Neolux Dream
Neolux Fiji
Neolux Glamour
Neolux Horizon
Neolux Linen
Neolux Luxury
Neolux Madeira
Neolux Majestic
Neolux Mykonos Dim Out
Neolux Napa
Neolux Pucker
Neolux Royal
Neolux Rustic Dim Out
Neolux Serenade
Neolux Sheer Vision
Neolux Soft
Neolux Splendor



With Vertilux’s Cut Yardage Program, you can offer our entire collection of Neolux® fabrics without having to invest in a large inventory. We commit to having all of our Neolux® fabrics in stock, ready to be shipped as soon as you need them. 


*The prices for Neolux® sample books shown in this news post are only valid from 08/10/2016 to 09/30/2016. These prices are not valid for orders that have already been placed. After 09/30/2016, the prices for Neolux® sample books will return to their original price of $50. Discounted prices are not valid on sample book customization programs, individual cards, or Special Edition Sample Books. This promotion cannot be combined with any other past, present or future promotion or rebate program.