Introducing our newest battery motor, the VTi® Celtic Rechargeable Battery Motor 35 mm | 3 Nmthe fastest battery motor with 28 rpm.

This new 3 Nm battery motor is the perfect combination of strength and speed.

Designed with versatility in mind, since it's compatible with the complete range of tubes and adapters of our Series 35 Battery Motors, which translates into inventory savings.

With this new addition we now cover by 100% the Rechargeable Battery Motors category, with up to 4 all-around solutions.

We have plenty of stock of the new 3Nm Rechargeable Battery Motor ready to ship from our Miami warehouse.


F E A T U R E S 

• Internal rechargeable lithium battery, that lasts about 6 months under normal operation (one cycle per day).
• Wirefree: Does not require electrical wiring, no external battery pack and no complicated installation.
• Recommended for shades with dimensions up to 140” x 120” | 3.5 m x 3.0 m.
• Operation as quiet as 40 dB.
• Simple electronic setting of limits and other adjustments.
• Up to 4 intermediate limits can be preset.
• Jogging function for Neolux® and tilting for Horizontal Blinds.
• The motor emits a notification sound when the battery charge reaches 10%.
• Smart control with VTi® Smart Hub, anytime, anywhere.
• Compatible with leading brands of Home Automation Systems.