Dear Customers,

As many businesses, including Vertilux, are focusing on the daily COVID-19 reports, it remains a difficult supply situation from Asian manufacturers for the Window Covering Industry. As it stands, we would like to send you a positive message in this regard to soften all the negative insights you might be receiving, and let you know that Vertilux is prepared for this crisis.

Vertilux inventories are always subject to possible hiccups, and therefore we buffer merchandise for additional growth and unexpected difficulties. During the last five years, in particular, our growth has been significant, and for that reason, we have prepared ourselves for another great year in 2020 by increasing our inventories. Additionally, Vertilux purchasing took into account the Chinese Holidays and had stocked up more than usual on several items that are currently originating out of China, which is enabling us to meet the regular demands of our customers.

Even with Vertilux still having some connection to China, our current supply chain is very diversified. For many years Vertilux´s strategy has been oriented towards non-Asian manufacturers and many of our Components and Fabrics are sourced from a multitude of different countries; just as an example, we source all of our commodity items, such as aluminum extrusions, from different origins, meaning that in any worst-case scenario we will always be able to resort to plan B, C or D. With this foresight, we are expecting to keep good levels of inventory for the most part, even if circumstances worsen. At this moment, we are on target with the supply chain requirements, except for a couple of mills that as stated before, can be covered by any other one of our suppliers.

Nonetheless, the situation remains a very fluid one and Vertilux Management is investing time and resources to continue to adequately serve our customers. We remain positive about the outcome and will spare no efforts in keeping our Customer base supplied to the fullest extent possible.

Obviously, the situation is evolving quickly and its status changes almost every day, so we can not predict the future with a 100% certainty, but with the information currently on hand, we remain confident of our service. In other words... Vertilux has you covered.

Best greetings,

The Vertilux Team.