Shades have the biggest impact on the interior look and feel of any project from style, ease of use and beyond. An automated shade system has the power to enhance every aspect of your project, and although more costly upfront than your standard roller shade system, your return on investment with a motorized system is the best option in the long run.

Why? A motorized shade system allows you the adaptability to easily adjust the amount of daylight in your space to increase comfort, save energy, and protect the space's interior by reducing solar heat gain. As solar heat gain diminishes, this provides UV protection for your residents, furnishings, and flooring. 

Why Vertilux Motorized Shades

Motorized shades also have a knack for transforming harsh glare into soft, pleasing light, enhancing privacy while preserving exterior views, all with the simple push of a button. A motorized shade system also eliminates chain dangling issues completely, eradicating any worry or concern regarding child safety issues and eliminates the possibility for shades to become damaged due to improper handling by residents. With a Vertilux Motorized Shade System, you have the option to integrate your shades into the building's smart system, increasing performance and optimization, while maximizing energy and occupant comfort. With tons of “Healthy Choice” fabric style options and colors to choose from, a Vertilux Motorized Shades System can increase productivity and simplify your project's operations.


To specify a Vertilux Motorized Shade System for your project today, please contact The Spec Department —we would love the opportunity to work with you!